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A range of carbonate related papers

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Bjarne Rafaelsen
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PostPosted: 11 Apr 2005 10:03    Post subject: A range of carbonate related papers Reply with quote

Sedimentary Geology Volume 175, Issues 1-4, Pages 1-503 (15 April 2005) contain a range of interesting carbonate related papers. The titles below can be found here:

Disobedient sediments can feedback on their transportation, deposition and geomorphology R.N. Ginsburg pp 9-18

Global change and modern coral reefs: New opportunities to understand shallow-water carbonate depositional processes P. Hallock pp 19-33

The transient nature of the empty bucket model of reef sedimentation E.G. Purdy, E. Gischler pp 35-47

A genetic classification of carbonate platforms based on their basinal and tectonic settings in the Cenozoic D. Bosence pp 49-72

Accumulation rates from well-dated late Neogene carbonate platforms and margins D.F. McNeill pp 73-87

The modern calcifying sponge Spheciospongia vesparium (Lamarck, 1815), Great Bahama Bank: Implications for ancient sponge mud-mounds F. Neuweiler, D.J. Burdige pp 89-98

Controls on grain-size patterns in periplatform carbonates: Marginal setting versus glacio-eustacy R.H. Rendle-Buhring, J.J.G. Reijmer pp 99-113

The nature of the @d^1^3C of periplatform sediments: Implications for stratigraphy and the global carbon cycle P.K. Swart, G. Eberli pp 115-129

The use of paleoceanographic proxies in carbonate periplatform settings-opportunities and pitfalls L. Reuning, J.J.G. Reijmer, C. Betzler, P. Swart, T. Bauch pp 131-152

Controls on modern carbonate preservation in the southern Florida Straits J. Schwarz, R. Rendle-Buhring pp 153-167

Cool-water carbonate sedimentology and eustasy; Pleistocene upper slope environments, Great Australian Bight (Site 1127, ODP LEG 182) C. Betzler, S. Saxena, P.K. Swart, A. Isern, N.P. James pp 169-188

Development patterns and controlling factors of Tertiary carbonate
buildups: Insights from high-resolution 3D seismic and well data in the Malampaya gas field (Offshore Palawan, Philippines) F. Fournier, J. Borgomano, L.F. Montaggioni pp 189-215

Well log and seismic character of Liuhua 11-1 Field, South China Sea; relationship between diagenesis and seismic reflections V. Zampetti, U. Sattler, H. Braaksma pp 217-236

Evolution of the Northern Nicaragua Rise during the Oligocene-Miocene: Drowning by environmental factors M. Mutti, A.W. Droxler, A.D. Cunningham pp 237-258

Shelf-geometry response to changes in relative sea level on a mixed carbonate-siliciclastic shelf in the Guyana Basin A.E. Campbell pp 259-275

High-rate sea-level change during the Mesozoic: New approaches to an old problem A. Immenhauser pp 277-296

Basin-to-platform chemostratigraphy and diagenesis of the Early Cretaceous Vercors Carbonate Platform, SE France B.W. Fouke, W. Schlager, M.G.M. Vandamme, J. Henderiks, B. Van Hilten pp 297-314

Late Cretaceous heterozoan carbonates: palaeoenvironmental setting, relationships with rudist carbonates (Provence, south-east France) J.M. Philip, J. Gari pp 315-337

Facies architecture and high-resolution sequence stratigraphy of an Upper Cretaceous platform margin succession, southern central Pyrenees, Spain L. Pomar, E. Gili, A. Obrador, W.C. Ward pp 339-365

Fringing carbonate platforms at the Arabian Plate margin in northern Oman during the Late Aptian-Middle Albian: Evidence for high-amplitude sea-level changes B. Greselle, B. Pittet pp 367-390 Full text via

Integrated sequence stratigraphy: Facies, stable isotope and palynofacies analysis in a deeper epicontinental carbonate ramp (Late Jurassic, SW Germany) M. Ruf, E. Link, J. Pross, T. Aigner pp 391-414 Full text via

Meso-/Cenozoic basin and carbonate platform development in the SW-Dolomites unraveled by basin modelling and apatite FT analysis: Rosengarten and Latemar (Northern Italy) A. Emmerich, U.A. Glasmacher, F. Bauer, T. Bechstadt, R. Zuhlke pp 415-438

Accommodation/sedimentation development and massive early marine
cementation: Latemar vs. Concarena (Middle/Upper Triassic, Southern
Alps) M. Seeling, A. Emmerich, T. Bechstadt, R. Zuhlke pp 439-457

Quartz cementation and related sedimentary architecture of the Triassic Solling Formation, Reinhardswald Basin, Germany J. Weber, W. Ricken pp 459-477

Drowning of the Upper Marble Falls carbonate platform (Pennsylvanian), central Texas: A case of conflicting ''signals?'' R.N. Erlich, J.L. Coleman pp 479-499
Bjarne Rafaelsen,
Carbonate Network Administrator
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