Crimea Excursion June 4th 2005


Locality 1_Eocene & Miocene

Locality 1_Miocene limestone_oolites & bivalves

Locality 1_ Miocene limestone

Locality 1_ Miocene Oolite & Bivalves_High porosity

Locality 1_Conglomerates



Locality 2_ Lermontovo Cape

Locality2_Jurassic & Miocene

Locality2_MidJurassic intrusion & Miocene gastropods

Locality2_Miocene carbonate _ karst to the right

Locality2_Miocene carbonate_alternating layers of karstification and deposition

Locality2_ Silicaconglomerate with coccoliths _ cemented

Locality 2_ Jurassic Pillow lava

Upper Jurassic_Thrusted imbricated carbonates

Faros_Excursion participants