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Bjarne Rafaelsen

Senior Geologist


Interpretation of 3-D seismic from the southwestern Barents Sea, mainly the Upper Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Quaternary succession.

Organiser of:

The Carbonate Network - A web-based network for scientists and students working with carbonate related topics


June 2008       Publication: Rafaelsen, B., Elvebakk, G., Andreassen, K., Stemmerik, L., Colpaert. A., Samuelsberg, T. 2008: From detached to attached carbonate buildup complexes - 3D seismic data from the Upper Paleozoic, Finnmark Platform, southwestern Barents Sea. Sedimentary Geology 206, 17-32.
June 2008       Popular science publication: Rafaelsen, B. & Andreassen, K. 2008: A model for late Paleozoic carbonate buildups. GEO v. 11, No. 4, 88-90.
June 2008       GeoExPro write about the Carbonate Network
June 2008       Read more about theStatoilHydro-sponsored "Svalbard Spitsbergen roundtrip", excursion no. 44 in relation to the 33rd International Geological Congress.
April 2007       Publication: Colpaert, A., Pickard, N., Mienert, J., Henriksen, L.B., Rafaelsen, B. & Andreassen, K. 2007: 3D seismic analysis of an Upper Palaeozoic carbonate succession of the Eastern Finnmark Platform area, Norwegian Barents Sea. Sedimentary Geology, v. 197, 79-98.
March 2007       Publication: Rafaelsen, B., Andreassen, K., Hogstad, K. and Kuilman, L.W. 2007: Large-scale glaciotectonic imbricated thrust sheets on three-dimensional seismic data: facts or artefacts? Basin Research, v. 19, 87-103.
November 30th 2006       Publication: Rafaelsen, B., 2006: Three-dimensional seismic geomorphology: new methods providing new geological models. PhD thesis, University of Tromsø. 207 pp. Link to University press release and announcement of dissertation
October 1st 2006       Publication: "Trapping mechanisms - forming petroleum reservoirs" is an e-learning module that include animations, pictures and various examples of trap formation
August 16th 2006       Publication: “Karst – a potential geohazard and reservoir” is an e-learning module that include animations, pictures and various examples of karst formation
February 21st 2006       This website moved to
March 2nd 2005       First Break promotes the Carbonate Network
February 14th 2005       Publication: Rafaelsen, B. & Nielsen, J.K. 2005: Introduction to carbonates. EAGE Learning Geoscience Journal. 57 p.
September 14th 2004       AAPG Explorer write about The Carbonate Network in their September 2004 issue.
August 31st 2004       Popular science publication:: Rafaelsen, B. 2004: Carbonate Network Forms. EOS, Vol. 85, No. 35, p. 330.
August 2004       Publication:: Andreassen, Nilssen, Rafaelsen & Kuilman 2004, Three-dimensional seismic data from the Barents Sea margin reveal evidence of past ice streams and their dynamics. Geology, v. 32, p. 729-732.
March 19th 2004       The Carbonate Network web-pages and forum opened
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