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Welcome to The Carbonate Network

The Carbonate Network is an exness pakistan internet-based international network for carbonate researchers. It aims to be a scientific forum where questions and problems related to carbonates can be exchanged. We invite researchers from all geological disciplines to participate and provide a wide scientific platform.

To get started, please visit the Carbonet Forum, where you can find information, join in on discussions and make contact across disciplines and institutions.

To get a free membership, please fill in this form and submit it to Bjarne Rafaelsen. If you just want to receive our monthly e-mail, send "Monthly Carbonate Network e-mail" to

Best regards,

Bjarne Rafaelsen and Andreas Olaus Harstad


May 2nd 2009

Read the latest Carbonate Network e-mails here.

May 2nd 2009

Update for discussion forum and member database is soon complete and will free up time for the Carbonate Network administrator to focus more on carbonate related work.

June 29th 2008

Job opportunity: Carbonate Sedimentology and Geophysical postdoc position

June 6th 2008

The latest issue of the international magazine GeoExpro inform about The Carbonate Network in this article.

May 20th 2008

The 33rd International Geological Congress have a session on carbonates and carbonate related excursions to Bjørnøya and Svalbard.

May 20th 2008

Read about the worlds largest crystals, the Svalbard field course Svalex, upcoming courses, excursions and meetings, a sinkhole currently forming in Texas and a short summary of the latest carbonate publications.    

May 13th 2008

New service! A collection of publications recommended to the carbonate community: Recommended Carbonate Related Publications.

January 22nd 2008

A Carbonate Network member has been inspired by our network and formed the Iranian Carbonate Network.

October 4th 2007

Muhammad Zahid have provided a module on Petrophysics formuales.

September 3rd 2007

Carbonate Rock Physics Workshop: Are We There Yet?

August 18th 2007

Poster presentation at the Arctic Geology, Resources and Environment Conference II (AGReE II): "The Carbonate Network - An example of global scientific networking"

June 7th 2007 New e-learning module: MDT Job Planning and Interpretation by m. Zahid
April 6th 2007 Job opportunity: Postdoc in carbonate diagenesis, University of Copenhagen.
April 6th 2007 Free software: BugPic - free fossil picture editing software.
April 6th 2007 New PhD theses: "Three-dimensional seismic geomorphology: new methods providing new geological models" (Rafaelsen, 2006) and "Geophysical characterisation of Carboniferous-Permian carbonate platforms in the Barents Sea based on 3D-seismic data analysis and rock physics modelling" (Colpaert, 2007).
October 1st 2006 "Trapping mechanisms - forming petroleum reservoirs" is an e-learning module that include animations, pictures and various examples of trap formation
August 16th 2006 “Karst – a potential geohazard and reservoir” has just been published, and include animations, pictures and various examples of karst formation
August 16th 2006

New post for PhD position in Sedimentary Geology-Switzerland

August 16th 2006 Under Links a new column with electronic learning modules have been added

August 16th 2006

The field course Svalex starts on August 21st 2006. Around 90 master- and PhD-students students from Norway, Russia, etc. will (among other things) study the Permian-Carboniferous carbonates on the west-coast of Spitsbergen. Official Svalex homepage.

February 23rd 2006

Muhammad Zahid have provided an introduction to petrophysics.


November 17th 2005

Job opportunities: Carbonate geology specialist at Norsk Hydro, Sabbatical Replacement Position at University of Alaska and USGS Postdoctoral Opportunities

September 14th 2005

Six new posts have been created to support the Edinburgh Collaborative of Subsurface Science and Engineering Joint Research Institute (ECOSSE). Read more here:

March 2nd 2005

First Break promotes the Carbonate Network

February 7th 2005

The e-learning module Introduction to carbonates was published.

January 11th 2005

LearningGEOSCIENCE - An online journal for multimedia learning!


December 16th 2004

The Carbonate Network break the 100 member barrier in its first year! More than 130 receive our monthly e-mail.

December 1st 2004

Late Permian source rocks in East Greenland

December 1st 2004

University of Stavanger chalks up a geo-event first!

October 27th 2004

Two-year Post-Doc. in Sedimentary Geology

October 21st 2004

Call for collaboration: Aris Karageorgis seek persons interested in collaboration in a study of deposition of carbonate minerals (Greece).

September 24th 2004

Free Carbonate Isotope Analysis

September 13th 2004

AAPG Explorer write about the Carbonate Network in their September 2004 issue.

September 8th 2004

The paper "Carbonate Network Forms" was printed in EOS, the weekly newspaper for the Geophysical Sciences.

September 2nd 2004

Fossils from Svalbard - Carboniferous-Permian-Triassic fossils from Svalbard in petrographic thin section, with special focus on bryozoans.

April 27th 2004

Note: Use Search in the Carbonet Forum to browse for specific words / phrases / authors etc.

April 20th 2004

Instructions on how to register at the Carbonet Forum

April 20th 2004

Welcome to the Carbonate Network

March 19th 2004

Official opening of the Carbonate Network web-page and the Carbonet Forum


If you have information of relevance to the Carbonate Network, please post it in the Carbonet Forum or send it by e-mail to Bjarne Rafaelsen. The Carbonate Network thank everyone contributing with information to the web-site and the Carbonet Forum.


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